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Fine Art as a Financial Asset Class.

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Arthur Analytics is an ARTDAI data partner that improves art collecting with superior data insights around sales, exhibitions, news, and trends all in one place.

Leverage the power and clarity of unbiased, enterprise-level data and insights that enable the treatment of fine art as a financial asset.

Chu Teh-chun (1920-2014) "MIRAGE ÈA L'AUBE (MIRAGE AT DAWN)" 1990

Chu Teh-Chun (1920-2014)

“Mirage Èa L’aube”


Industry-leading research on fine art market transactions

Unbiased data, analytics, and objective market insights

Data infrastructure for structuring art financial products

ARTDAI is the leader in unbiased, data‑driven research and information on fine art transactions worldwide.

Access unparalleled insights and analytics derived from millions of data points on the art market, market segments, artists, and artworks.

Improve Institutional Due Diligence

Gain immediate clarity on fine art asset financial performance to enhance corporate decision-making.

Design and Launch New Products

Improve speed-to-market velocity and execute new product opportunities with confidence.

Serve Clients More Holistically

Include fine art assets in overall financial reporting and wealth planning

Enterprise-Grade Analytics, Indexes, and Customizable Reporting

Available via our SaaS platform or direct data feeds.